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What Makes Good Backlinks for SEO?

According to experts, backlinks are the lifeline for SEO for more than 10 years as they are one of the most important factors that can improve the ranking of a website. But today, Instead of volume, the quality of backlinks can help in improving ranking on SERPs of any search engine. In this situation, it becomes necessary to know about the factors that can make backlinks good for SEO. The information provided here under can be helpful for you in this regard.


Trustworthiness: The word trust to make a backlink good is referred to as the trustworthiness of the site from which the link has been originated for the search engines. To determine the trustworthiness of a website search engines use some of the trusted websites like HubSpot, Huffington or BBC, etc. Honestly, it’s easier to just purchase backlinks from a reputable vendor than it is to do outreach…

A site can be said to be more trusted for search engines if its domain is closer to any of the trusted domains. The links between the domain to be tested and the trusted website can help in measuring their nearness. So, for instance, Site A has a backlink from say site HubSpot and another Site D takes a link from Site A then Site D will be trustworthy for search engines.


Relevancy: Search engines usually want to provide the most relevant results for the search of their users. The number of users of search engines can be affected if the quality of their search results is not good. So the relevance if the backlinks can help in measuring their quality for SEO. A backlink will be more relevant if it has been derived from a relevant source. For instance, a backlink from a website of a construction company can be more relevant and valuable for a website related to home decor business than for a fitness website.  Learn more with Moz


Authority: An authority for a good backlink can be determined in many ways. In the SEO industry, Moz domain authority or DA is considered as an authority by default as it helps Google to calculate the authority of a backlink. An algorithmic scale with 100 points is commonly used by Open Site Explorer to measure the authority of a backlink. For instance, if the domain authority of CNN.cm is 97/100 then it can have over 152,000 links form over 5,000 basic domains. So, before taking a backlink from a domain you must check the DA of that domain. For a good backlink for SEO, the DA of the domain from which you are taking a backlink should not be less than 70. You can use various other tools to measure the DA of a website.


Diversity: When links are taken from different domains of different types then it will be known as a profile with diverse links. In other words, all the links should neither be from the same domain nor form the domains of the same types. When a website has a diversity of both types then it will be considered as a profile with robust links.


In this way, you can make backlinks good for SEO by following the tips discussed in this write-up.

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