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March 2

Engaging with the Audience: From Listening to Co-Development

10:15am – 11:15am
The tremendous growth of participation by consumers online is creating a range of new opportunities for the advertising business that are affecting everything from strategy development to media buying to the creative process. New innovations include tapping into online conversations for better strategic insight, buying space on or sponsoring blogs and inviting customers to create ads themselves. This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges in inherent in these new trends, offering examples and highlighting the risks and rewards of greater participation in the online world.


  • Rob Key, CEO, Converseon – MODERATOR
  • Cory Trefiletti, SVP, engagement architect, Carat Fusion
  • Dan Buczaczer, vice president and director, Reverb
  • Owen Mack, co-founder and lead strategist, coBRANDIT
  • Per Hoffman, founder and president, AdCandy

RSS as an Advertising Platform

11:30am – 12:30pm


RSS promises to change the way we all consume media in dramatic ways. As the RSS channel grows, opportunities to optimize, publicize and monetize the content that publishers syndicate via RSS will grow exponentially. Historically, most great content has been advertising supported, and RSS is a uniquely qualified content vehicle for advertising, due to its targeted and niche nature. RSS consumers, advertisers and publishers are not a homogenous group, however. From desktop readers to RSS-in-browser integration to mobile RSS, the rules for advertising in this growing and evolving media are changing rapidly. Join our diverse panel of RSS luminaries as we explore the potential of RSS as an advertising platform.

Panel Participants


  • Sally Falkow, co-developer, PRESSfeed – MODERATOR
  • Dana VanDen Heuvel, director of business development, Pheedo
  • Stephan Spencer, founder and president, NetConcepts
  • Royal Farros, alerts messaging, Microsoft
  • Chris Butler, COO/CTO, I/PRO Corporation

New Ad-Supported Online Publishing Models

2:15pm – 3:15pm


With new ways to produce online content come new models for ad-supported publishing. Informed by research in process by the Society for New Communications Research, this panel will highlight some of these new models, and discuss their implications for the advertising industry.

Panel Participants


  • Giovanni Rodriguez, principal, Eastwick Communications – MODERATOR
  • Francois Gossieaux, marketing & business development, Corante
  • Chris Alden, co-founder, CEO, Rojo
  • Tom Foremski, editor, founder, publisher, Silicon Valley Watcher
  • Colin Crawford, VP, Online, IDG

Trends in Search

3:30pm – 4:30pm


Providing links to companies at the point when people are searching for information is an important online advertising model. But search-related advertising and marketing can go much further. This panel will discuss trends in search engine optimization and paid search, offering examples of creative and successful uses.


  • David Strom – MODERATOR
  • Ross Weinstein, senior manager, business development, Ingenio
  • John Cass, director of Internet Marketing Strategies, Backbone Media, Inc.
  • Rob Key, CEO, Converseon
  • Stephan Spencer, founder and president, NetConcepts

March 3

Advertising for Start-Ups

10:15am – 11:15am


The much-quoted cliché about advertising “I know 50% of the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Unfortunately, I don’t know which 50%,” is no longer true, because now, “it’s 90% that’s wasted,” according to George Parker. Ad spending in America will increase to $400 billion in 2006. That’s 20% higher than in 2000, the previous record year. Even with new media and the enhanced forms of intrusive communication increasingly available, can start-ups with limited budgets hope to see a meaningful return on their investment? “Not a chance, if they stick to traditional, expensive and ineffectual methods,” says Parker, who will show start-up entrepreneurs effective and measurable ways to better spend their money.
Presenter: George Parker, creative director, consultant, Parker Ads


New Advertising Case Studies

11:30am – 12:30pm


This panel will offer a series of case studies that demonstrate innovative approaches to advertising, such as gaming strategies and online techniques.


  • Gordy Abel, National Director of Marketing, Carat Fusion – MODERATOR
  • Allison Gower, president and founder, qtags
  • Joe Devine, Envy Publications
  • Dan Solomon, CEO, Mindshare Interactive Campaigns
  • H. Kay Howell, VP Information Technologies, Federation of American Scientists

New Approaches to Corporate Communications

March 2

Corporate Blogging Case Studies

10:15am – 11:15am


Can public companies blog? Is having your CEO or other senior executives blog a good idea? Is it better to roll out blogs internally before going outside? What lessons have been learned about corporate blogging in the last year? This panel of blogging early adopters will answer these questions and more as they share their experiences.


Debbie Weil, BlogWrite forCEOs; author of forthcoming book – MODERATOR

  • Jeremiah Owyang, global web marketing manager, Hitachi Data Systems
  • Paul Rosenfeld, general manager for QuickBooks Online Edition, Intuit